Microsoft Azure Site Recovery – Hyper-V on-premises to Azure

Microsoft is investing a lot in its DR solution Azure Site Recovery. The newest public GA announcement is about the DR scenario on-premises to Azure. Since mid-December 2014 Azure Site Recovery does not rely anymore on VMM to enable the on-premises to Azure scenario. All you need is a Hyper-V host or cluster and an Azure subscription. As of today Azure Site Recovery covers the following DR scenarios. On-premises mehr [...]

Microsoft Azure – Windows Server 2012 R2 VM not activated

I had a strange situation last week. I deployed two Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter VMs in Azure and tried out the new management experience through the preview portal. At the same time I had done some VM configurations in the current portal. Maybe that was the reason why one of the VMs became not activated. I don't know. But no worry Microsoft Azure is using Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter mehr [...]

Windows Azure Pack with Azure – Konube Integrator

The Windows Azure Pack gives you the possibility to provide Azure services out of your own datacenter to your customers or internal business units. The most common services in an on-premises environment are VM clouds and SQL servers. You can also provide your customers with Website clouds, Service Bus clouds and MySQL servers. But when you use  Windows Azure Pack you want to leverage the whole Cloud mehr [...]

System Center 2012 R2 Service Reporting – Troubleshooting

In an IaaS deployment with Hyper-V, System Center 2012 R2 VMM, Operations Manager, SPF & Windows Azure Pack the most difficult and annoying part is to setup and configure Service Reporting for the chargeback. It is kind of exhausting getting Service Reporting up and running. But keep calm and continue reading. First let us assume you have installed and configured Service Reporting the right mehr [...]

Microsoft Azure IaaS Cost Estimator Tool Version 1.1 available

This week Microsoft has published the version 1.1 of its Microsoft Azure IaaS Cost Estimator Tool. -> You can analyze your on-premises infrastructure with the Microsoft Azure IaaS Cost Estimator Tool and get an estimated view about the workload costs in Azure for this on-premises infrastructure. The tool runs against SCVMM, Hyper-V, mehr [...]

Microsoft Technical Summit 2014 Sessions online available

The Microsoft Technical Summit 2014 took place in Berlin from 11th November till 13th November and the sessions are now available through Channel 9. Most of the sessions are in German and only a few in English. -> I had a session also as I mentioned it in my recap last week. -> My mehr [...]

Linux Deployment – WAP VM Role Gallery Item

In the last month I have written two blog posts about the deployment of the WAP VM role gallery item. One about the regional settings of the OS and the other one about the deployment of a Windows client OS. -> -> Today I’m writing about the mehr [...]

Microsoft Technical Summit 2014 – Recap

Last week I have been in Berlin for the Microsoft Technical Summit 2014. Microsoft had combined two technical events into one and that was reflected in the speaker lineup. A lot of MVPs, Microsoft employees from Microsoft Germany, Microsoft Corp and as the keynote speakers Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on day one & Technical Fellow John Shewchuk on day two. The company I work for was one of the mehr [...]

MVP Summit 2014 – Recap

The last two weeks were a lot of traveling. From Frankfurt to Seattle back to Frankfurt and then from Cologne to Berlin back to Cologne. But let’s start with the MVP Summit 2014 in Redmond from 03.11.14 till 06.11.14. I headed over on Saturday the 1st November with Lufthansa from FRA to SEA. Flight was good and I had a perfect service by Lufthansa. During the long-haul flight I watched some TechEd mehr [...]

Sprachänderung Deutsch zu Englisch

Ich wurde im Laufe diesen Jahres immer wieder gefragt wieso ich denn Deutsch schreibe und nicht in English. Die Antwort war, dass es wenige gute Blogs in deutscher Sprache hinsichtlich der Thematik Hyper-V und System Center gibt. Nachdem mich mehrere Fragen zu diesem Thema erreicht hatten, habe ich als kleines Trostpflaster das Bing Translator Widget mit in meinen Blog eingebunden. Im September mehr [...]